A Day in the Life of a Consultant Manager

At INT, we have many Consultant Managers that strive to make sure all consultants are going down the right path. It is our main goal to provide a professional and positive experience for all of our technology consultants. In this blog you will find everything you need to know about consultant managers and what their job entails on a daily basis.

Responsibilities of a Consultant Manager
The role of a Consultant Manager is to be available for the Consultant Employee while they are on assignment. Account managers and recruiters are responsible for the business aspect of the staffing firm, as they provide the consultants with opportunities. Once the consultant starts at a new job, the Consultant Manager maintains communication on a regular basis and throughout their project. This communication is done through individual meetings, sponsored events, and now more than ever, through regular phone calls. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have spent a lot of my time on the phone connecting with consultants. Overall, being a consultant manager is being the point of contact and being available for anything that is needed while the consultant is on assignment.

In a sense, a consultant manager wears many different hats. Along with being the main point of contact for Consultant Employees, we meet them on-site for interviews and first day starts. We also manage consultant referral programs by promoting and tracking referrals, contacts, and bonuses. Handling payroll or HR related issues received from consultant employees and route to appropriate INT personnel in a timely manner is another responsibility we have. We are fully involved with the consultant’s project experience from screening candidates for positions and ensuring they are right for the job, to following up with them once they accept the position to answer any questions they have and solve any issues that may arise.

Day-to-Day Work
As of late, I spend most of my day on the phone. During these phone calls, I am trying to make sure we know exactly what’s going on in people’s lives and making sure they are happy and healthy. Usually I would spend a portion of my day going out and visiting with my consultant employees, but with today’s environment, that becomes an impossibility. With weekly or bi-weekly calls, we strive to get a good understanding of the full work situation and evaluate how the consultant is doing with the project and their daily life. Our main responsibility right now is to make sure our consultants are happy and healthy and to find out if they need anything from us.

Now more than ever, we are especially concerned with people’s physical and mental health. INT has great programs for employees to take advantage of if they want someone to talk to. Being the face for INT consultants, it’s important for us to put those resources out there and make sure all of our employees are doing well.
Something I enjoy the most about being a Consultant Manager is I get to learn about my consultants on a personal level. They have such interesting lives in regard to travel, family, and education and they work on some very interesting projects. By keeping in regular contact with them, I really get to know them and build great relationships. The relationships I’m most proud of are with the employees who keep in contact with me on a personal level long after their contract is over.
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Advice for Consultant Managers and Consultants
In both cases, communication is key. As a Consultant Manager, you have to dig a little bit more with the questions you are asking in order to really get the answers you need. Being clear and concise really helps in these situations. You should never be afraid to pick up the phone and give someone a call to check in or take care of an issue. The same thing goes for Consultant Employees. They should never be afraid to pick up the phone and call us if they need anything. It’s our job to help and assist you in any way possible, so always feel free to utilize us as that point of contact.

There are many advantages of working with a Consultant Manager. We are able to answer any questions, get documents quickly, follow up and make sure issues are resolved, and help with the remarketing process. It’s up to us to let consultant employee’s know how we can help them on their assignment, if they don’t know the benefits, they may not see the value in us.

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