A Guide to Retaining Top Technology Talent

As many of us know, recruiting top technology talent is anything but easy. And that’s just recruiting…what about retaining tech talent? The truth is, there is a shortage of skilled technology talent and the demand is at an all time high. I am sure many of us thought that the pandemic would increase availability of talent, but that has not been the case. Once you get that perfect match for both your company and the candidate, you want to keep that employee. We’ve created the ultimate guide to retaining your top technology talent. Check out the successful strategies below that your company can adopt!

Be Selective in the Hiring Process
The ultimate goal for your company should be to hire someone that is a solid fit for both the candidate and your organization. Bringing on the right people that best fit your company means that they are likely to remain with you for a long period of time. Remember that technology talent retention begins during the interview phase. Many candidates are told about the corporate culture and the work ethic of the company, but many times candidates report that the vision they were told may have been a bit utopian. Take a look at the candidate’s experience and evaluate their willingness to not only extend their current skillset to your organization, but also learn new skills that will benefit everyone.

Clearly communicate your organization’s values and culture. Discussing this with the candidate during the hiring process avoids misunderstanding, disengagement, and overall dissatisfaction for both the candidate and the employer. All of these contribute to poor retention, so be sure to vocalize it before hiring.

Promote Personal Development
To retain your top technology talent, you must show your commitment to employees by promoting their personal development. This includes providing education opportunities, discussing career paths, and communicating career growth opportunities.

Create a culture of learning by offering training courses and investing in your talent’s personal development. Invest in training courses to advance your employees skillsets as well as encourage them to attend industry events, networking groups or functions, upskilling, and more. Technologists value growth and want to continuously learn more about their field. This approach allows for retention because of your interest in everyone’s personal growth.

Offer Better Benefitstechnology talent retention
Consider developing a unique and attractive benefits package for your technology talent retention. To retain your top performers, enhance your offerings to meet the needs of your employees. Seek feedback from your staff about the benefits that are the most important to them, or if they require something that is not already being offered. Listen to your workforce and reflect a benefits package that provides for top technology talent retention. These benefits don’t always have to revolve around the healthcare or 401(k). Some employers offer additional benefits that provide value to employees like… many larger companies receive buying discounts through their technology providers and pass that discount to employees. This benefits both the company and the employees because their spending with the vendor increases the companies overall spending and greater discounts are available.

What keeps your employees engaged? What benefits are currently deemed as valuable? What motivates your talent? All of these should be considered when constructing the best benefits package suited for your tech talent.

Create Salary and Promotion Expectations
Money isn’t everything, but if you don’t remain competitive, you will lose your top technology talent. To retain your staff, look to industry trends to compare your salaries to others. It’s important to communicate salary expectation with your employees so everyone is on the same page.

With salary comes promotion expectations. It’s important to consider promoting promotions to your technology talent as a way to retain them. The fact is, being overlooked for a promotion when it’s deserved is a great way to steer talent into looking for new opportunities. When and if possible, consider hiring internally first when hiring managerial and senior-level positions. Promoting this personal growth and advancing the career paths of your talent ensures that they will stay with your organization longer.

Encourage Work-Life Balance
Especially in today’s current environment due to the pandemic, people are struggling to find a proper work-life balance. Consider different tactics that eliminate burnout and stress among your technology talent. Your concern for your employee’s wellbeing goes a long way. Going back to your benefits package, think about opportunities that allow your talent to unplug and recharge. Ultimately, this allows for improved employee engagement as well as retention.

This guide is here to provide tactics and tools to retaining your top technology talent. Promoting personal development, benefits, work-life balance, and more, are all ways to encourage retention and organizational success.

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