Advice for Growing Your Tech Career

Many times, we get asked what the best approaches are for growing your tech career. Moving up in your career is a big step and there are many ways to encourage that growth. Ultimately, you need to have a set of goals and work hard to implement them. In this blog, you will receive recommendations for successfully advancing your career.

1. Identify Your Goal and Discuss Possibilities With Your Boss
The first steps when deciding to advance your tech career is to identify your goals. Do you want to grow within your current role or move up the ladder to a more advanced role? Once you have established a possible career path for yourself, set up a meeting with your boss or manager. In this meeting, you should clearly state your intentions. Have questions prepared such as, “how can I take the next step?”. Identify your goals with your manager and get a clear set of weekly, monthly and annual deliverables to execute against. Having this conversation with your manager allows you to gain the information you need to expand your career. Creating this road map with your manager shows your dedication to growing your tech career and puts you in the position of getting to the next level when the opportunity arises.

2. Execute the Game Plan
The next step I recommend taking to further your tech career is to follow the roadmap that was discussed and agreed upon with your manager. When executing against this roadmap, it is important to increase your discipline and professionalism. A true professional takes pride in attention to detail, arriving to work early, staying late, solving problems and delivering solutions against any obstacle. Remember that being a professional is not a 9 to 5 endeavor. Being a professional is something you do 24/7. Understanding how your personal choices outside of work impact your performance at work is valuable. Professionalism is also portrayed by being a leader. It’s important to remember that being a leader has nothing to do with your job title. Become a leader through your actions and character by proactively identifying solutions to recognized issues and volunteering to work with team members to implement. This will show your boss and company that you are serious about your growth and the company’s success. Consistency is key to your growth and discipline is the key of consistency. You will have different levels of motivation on a daily basis. Discipline is what will get you through the low motivation periods. Discipline will be a key role in either moving up in your career or remaining at the same position and skill level.

3. Find and Utilize Mentors
Finding and utilizing mentors is one of the largest accelerants you can have in your personal and professional growth. You can find mentors in your industry or outside of it. I suggest you start with people in the position that you aspire to be in that are top performers and that your company respects. See if they are willing to meet with you weekly. Ask them to explain their day to day priorities, how they operate and how they are successful. Come prepared with issues and roadblocks you have experienced recently and discuss how they would approach and solve each situation. You can never surround yourself with too many mentors. Remember, it is important as you grow professionally to look to mentor individuals in positions that you were just in as well as positions you aspire to achieve. You will learn and grow from this process as well and become a better producer.

4. Invest in Yourselfconsultant manager
As you look to grow your tech career, find out if your company will invest in training courses or certifications. If this is not feasible, invest in yourself. Information is power, and it is well worth the money to gain more experience or knowledge if it means advancing your career to where you want it to be. It’s important to prepare yourself daily for your next role and furthering your education is a great way to do that. Depending on the role you want to go into, there are many different technical certifications you can obtain. Once you have determined the path you want to go down in IT, you are able to pinpoint which certifications and/or trainings you need to be successful.

There are many steps to take when growing your career in the IT industry. The recommendations listed above are the main points to help get you to where you want to be in your tech career. If you have any more questions about advancing your career, feel free to reach out.

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