Consultant Spotlight: Carl Bates

Meet Carl Bates! Carl is currently a software consultant for a financial services company. We had a great conversation with Carl discussing how he got into technology, his favorite projects, and why he chooses to make his career with INT. Keep reading to discover more!

What got you into technology?
Originally, when I was in college, I was very interested in radio and television. My interest in this ultimately led to my interests in pursuing more technical roles. I took the advice of one of my professors to shift my focus from being a disc jockey to becoming more involved in the technological side of radio. From there, I continued to gain my degree in industrial technology with a concentration in engineer

After obtaining my degree, I received a job at a technology company. Here, I worked on creating memory chips. This company also had an education program where I learned how to be a software engineer. Going even further, I eventually got into software development after receiving a second degree in software engineering. My career has mostly reflected what I studied, which was programming and developing code.

In my technology career, I was given many opportunities to learn new technologies as they evolved. I am someone who loves to learn, and I am always interested in educating myself further in technology. Throughout my career, I have learned a lot and as technology is constantly evolving, I am learning more every day.

What was your favorite project(s) you have worked on?
My favorite project involved me working for an insurance company in New York City, right before Y2K. I had never been to New York City, so that was an experience in itself. When it comes to insurance, each state is different and has different laws surrounding it. Because each state is so different, there is different coding around annuities. My role was to contribute to testing the code and to change it accordingly based on the company and the state they were in. Another thing I did while at this company was teach groups of employees how this system worked. I helped employees with coding and taught them the programming language we were using, which was Smalltalk.

Another project I really enjoyed was with an aircraft manufacturing company. In this project, I was able to do coding, work in databases, and so much more. When building aircrafts, the mechanics are given a set of instructions that they need to follow step-by-step. I worked on the application that gave the mechanics the instructions needed to build the aircrafts. Sometimes, the manufacturing processes changed, and my team and I were responsible for implementing the necessary changes. In this process, received the new set of requirements and wrote the new code, tested the code, and made sure it was approved by QA. This was the most interesting project I have been involved in.
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Why do you choose to work with INT?
The people that work at INT are great and are a big part of why I work with them. INT is very honest in the work they do. As a consultant, they give me all of the information I need to know and keep me updated throughout the process. They are very trustworthy and supportive as well. INT truly cares about the people they work with and that’s why I choose to work with them.

About INT
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