Consultant Spotlight: Ebonie Jones

This week, we are focusing our spotlight on technology consultant Ebonie Jones. Ebonie is a Technology Business Consultant for an Information Technology and Services company. We had a great conversation with Ebonie to discuss how she got into technology, her favorite projects, and why she makes her career with INT Technologies. Continue reading to find out more!

What got you into technology?technology business consultant
My interest in technology first sparked when I was younger. My mother worked for a newspaper in their computer room and on occasion, I would go to work with her. I became very interested in how the computers worked and it ultimately led me to wanting to start a career in computers as well. As I grew older, I received my degree in Computer Technology and Information Security.

I started my career on the business side of the financial industry working with mortgages. Whenever we had a technology issue with the system or in our applications, we’d simply send an email to IT for assistance. We also partnered with the technology department frequently about creating new technology to improve the business. I proactively decided to ask questions and sit in the IT department to learn more about our technology and how to fix it if issues came up. I had the opportunity to observe them write code and see how they pointed data to certain fields on the screen. With my knowledge in mortgages and their knowledge of technology, we partnered up so that I could learn more about technology and they could learn more about the business side of the company. As far as my technology career goes, this is how it really started.

After learning so much about technology, I began applying for more technical roles and that is how I ended up at my current role as a Technology Business Consultant. In this role, I work in different projects where we meet with our clients and gather requirements to create specific business requirement documents. In this process, we question our clients as to how they want the software built, how they want it to look, what they want the outcome to be, and what about current state of the software. From there, my team and I build a prototype and present it to the client. Our goal is to build the software, so it performs exactly how they want it to. Along with this, I also contribute to the upkeeping, updating, and configuration of different software.

What was your favorite project(s) you have worked on?
My favorite project thus far was a project where I created a screen from the ground up. If anyone has any questions about this particular screen, I could tell them anything they need to know about it. This project was a web mortgage application for banks and credit unions to use. If a financial institution did not have an application like this, my team and I build it for them from the ground up. I have worked on many projects like this particular one and have created many web applications for different banking and credit union institutions.

Another project I really enjoy working on as a technology business consultant involved the review of documents and pinpointing where the data points are. For example, if you have a mortgage application, I have the ability to tell the system where to scrape information off of the document. This action is called “identifying all of the data points”. This is another system I built from scratch.

Why do you choose to work with INT Technologies?technology resume cover letter
My career with INT actually began with a LinkedIn message. A recruiter found me on LinkedIn and wrote me a great message explaining this position and how I was a great fit. The position that was described to me was 100% what I was looking for in a job at the time, and INT helped make that a reality. That was about two years ago and I’ve been working with INT ever since!

About INT
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