Consultant Spotlight: Harchana Rajendran

Featured in this week’s INT Consultant Spotlight blog is Harchana Rajendran! Harchana is currently on her 2nd contract assignment with INT Technologies. She is currently a SQA3 at a large financial services institution in the ATM Banking division. We recently had a great conversation with Harchana and discovered how she got into technology, her favorite technology job projects, and why she chooses to work with INT. Continue reading for more!technology job

What got you into technology?
My start in the technology industry began with receiving my bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic communication engineering. I had always wanted to work in technology and having an engineering background really helped me get there. My goal was to work with software and to complete tasks such as coding and testing. With my master’s degree, I gained more knowledge on software technologies and landed my first technology job with testing skills. I have always had an interest in technology, so this is how I began my career!

The current role I am in is in production support. On a daily basis, I work on ATM hardware and integration processes. If there is an ATM that is not connected to the network, I complete research on why this is happening and where that ATM is located. Every day, I receive reports on issues such as this and provide solutions. Prior to this project, I worked in release management and learned even more about certain technologies. I was able to communicate with many different people and had a lot of visibility throughout projects. I really enjoyed that role as well as the role I am currently in.

What was your favorite project(s) you have worked on?
My first technology job will always hold a special place in my heart! In my first job, I had the opportunity of learning different testing processes. The team I worked with welcomed me with open arms and they were so helpful and kind throughout the project. I participated in many social gatherings with my team every quarter, and this brought us closer together and motivated us to do even better. This has been my favorite project so far.

Another project that I consider one of my favorites was when I worked on a genetic disease screening program called GDSP. It’s a government sector where hospitals perform prenatal screenings on expecting mothers and newborn screening on babies which is for testing all babies in their first days of life for certain disorders and conditions that can hinder their normal development. I was part of the account receivable project. I really enjoyed understanding this process as I was able to test data and work with the billing process for different providers. It was very interesting to learn how the process worked and as well as to meet all the business rules in the job

Why do you choose to work with INT?
One of the biggest reasons I choose to work with INT Technologies is because they follow exceptional business ethics. They show how much they care for their employees every day. They also maintain long term relationships that they have created with both clients and employees. They consistently ask us, as consultants, how we are doing with our work and if there are any issues. I have worked with INT for a previous project, and the way they care for employees and their want for us to succeed is what made me want to work with them again. INT has been a great company to work for.

About INT
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