Consultant Spotlight: Rudy Itoe

We had the wonderful opportunity to kick off our Consultant Spotlight blog series with INT consultant, Rudy Itoe. Rudy works in IT at a Fortune 500 Financial Services company. In this interview, Rudy discusses her interests in technology, her favorite projects she’s been involved in, and her technology career with INT Technologies. Check out what she has to say!

What got you interested in technology and working contract with a staffing firm?
Working in technology has always been something I aspired to do. Currently, I write requirements for business systems to be automated in the banking industry. It has been something that I find very intriguing. Seeing the process of building these systems from start to finish is amazing and has been very interactive. In my current position, I take part in the automating of system applications to be used by our enterprise. We try to make every system automatedINT Technologies in this business for the easy accessibility of information, so it’s all located in one simple application. This makes it much easier for users. This specific technology has always been of great interest to me.

Working at an agency such as INT Technologies is the best and fastest way to receive employment in technology. There are so many connections you make in the staffing firm industry. Working with this particular staffing firm, INT Technologies, has been very beneficial in my technology career.

Can you tell me about your favorite project you got to work on?
I have a lot of favorite projects! My most recent project has been in the works for a couple of years. I had joined the technology team that was required to bring our process team the final product of our accessible enterprise application. I happened to be the only technology consultant who was able to work through every aspect of documentation, communication, and business development initiatives. It was one of the most robotic systems I’ve worked with. The amount of data and work that was needed for the project to reach its completed state, and for it to become a live system, was extensive. It was very intriguing and exciting to be a part of the entire process and be included in such a large achievement. This was actually the first contract job I did with INT.

I am currently working as the Release Coordinator for another enterprise creation. In this process, the compliance that we need for an application is to be bought and built in the system. Our job is to make sure that the technology departments understand the questions and the desired answers within the compliance for any application that needs to be retired, decommissioned, or developed. In this project, we are really focusing on anything that has to do with the compliance initiative and publications. Time and project management has proven to be very important in projects such as this.

Overall, seeing the systems I have contributed to come to life has been my favorite part of working with technology. The positive feedback I receive from the users about our applications being very easy to use and easily accessible makes it all worthwhile. The developers are the ones that really bring the application to life, but my role is a key point in the process that is there to answer any questions. With that, I need to understand a lot about the development of the projects and what the client is specifically asking us to develop. It’s a great feeling when everything comes together, and the outcome is positive.

Why do you choose to make your career with INT Technologies?
I have found that INT has been a great way in getting you to where you want to be in your career. I have been with INT for almost a year now, and I have been nothing but impressed with the work they do. They are always checking in and asking our thoughts on the work we are doing. They go above and beyond to make sure you are doing okay where you are. Through all of this, I know that in my future, I want to continue contributing to building systems and other great initiatives.

General thoughts
INT should stay as amazing as they are and to keep changing people’s lives in their careers, like they did mine.
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