Consultant Spotlight: Sandeep Upamaka

This week, our Consultant Spotlight is focusing on Sandeep Upamaka. Sandeep is currently a Senior Middleware Engineer Consultant with INT Technologies. We had a great conversation with Sandeep and discussed how he got into technology, his favorite and current project, and why he chooses to work with INT. Find out more below!

What got you into technology?
I have always had a great interest in technology. I studied technology in college, gaining a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, and then receiving my master’s in electrical and computer engineering. Working in technology was the most logical choice for me because it’s always expanding. There is also a great demand for experienced technology professionals, and that demand is going to continue to grow in the coming years as technology evolves.senior middleware engineer

My interest in technology stems from my schooling. I’ve always been intrigued by computers, electronics, and technology projects I have worked on over the years. My interests transitioned into working with computers because the technology has been rapidly expanding. Almost everything is computerized in today’s world, and most cannot imagine a life without the technology. Especially today as we go through this global pandemic, technology has allowed many people to continue working and keep up communication with others. This example emphasizes the growing need for technology. The need for growing technology and making it more accessible is one of the biggest reasons I got into the technology industry.

Currently, I’m a Senior Middleware Engineer at a large Financial Services institution. My job involves a lot of maintenance and troubleshooting with online banking applications. I mostly work on the infrastructure side of things, including maintaining and upgrading the servers as well as working with the developers to make sure the applications are always up to speed.
senior middleware engineer
What was your favorite project you have worked on?
It wouldn’t be fair to pick just one project as my favorite, because I’ve genuinely enjoyed every project I have been assigned to. Each project I have been involved in has given me the opportunity to learn, improve my technology skills, and improve my managerial, leadership, and teamworking skills. Therefore, I don’t have one particular project to call my favorite, but I have really enjoyed my current project as an INT consultant. It’s a great project and not just from a technological standpoint, because I work with a great team that is very supportive and understanding, especially in times like today. As a Senior Middleware Engineer in this project, my team and I are responsible for the consumer side of banking. The consumer side of banking is facilitated by an application called Flexcube. This application processes the framework and consumer transactions on a day-to-day basis. My specific role in this is supporting this application and maintaining all of the infrastructure, web servers, application servers, database connections, and the back-end work that makes this application possible. I have really enjoyed working on this project thus far.

Why do you choose to work with INT Technologies?
I began working for INT in 2013, and I have enjoyed working with them since. The people that work at INT have been great and really want to see you succeed as a person and as a technology professional. Working with them has been very easy and has been a great experience.

About INT
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