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If you deciphered the code on the home page, then you're here for a reason. You're looking to work with someone who "gets" you. At INT, you're not just a commodity or the next person in line for a job. We work harder at getting to know you and your skills so that when you show up for that interview, you can be certain it's a job and an environment that fits.


As an INT consultant, you'll work independently but feel like part of a team. We provide you with the support and assurance you'd expect from a first rate employer, leaving you free to master the challenge at hand instead of worrying about things like getting paid on time.

Stronger Support

When you become a part of the INT team, you tap into a company with an ethical foundation that's centered around strong relationships. We support you throughout each job and work hard to find your next position when you need one.

These are just a few of the benefits we offer:

The greatest benefit of working with INT is the care and attention we give to our relationship with you. And when you feel like a valued employee, you can do some pretty heroic things.

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