Enhancing Your Technology Career Through Upskilling

Technology is evolving at a very fast pace, and as a technologist, you need to keep up. Because the technology industry is always progressing, there are a lot of career growth opportunities. So why not take advantage? If you find yourself wanting to move up the career ladder or gain new skills to move forward in your technology career, consider upskilling. Upskilling not only helps you and your career, but also your employer. In this blog, find all of the reasons why you should start enhancing your technology career through upskilling.

Take Charge of Your Own Development
Your personal career development is in your hands, and fortunately, there are many ways you can initiate development yourself. Constant upskilling is considered the new normal for anyone hoping to stay relevant in the technology industry. According to research conducted by TalentLMS, 80% of employees say that upskilling, or reskilling, training has boosted their confidence in their career. Also, 81% of employees, and 91% percent of employers, say that upskilling has boosted productivity at work. These statistics are pretty good, and it’s easy to become one in that 80% and 81%.

Let’s start with your career path. Developing your career path helps you determine where you want to go in your technology career. Once you’ve created your path, you are able to easily develop learning goals to help get you to where you want to be. For more advice on choosing your career path, check out this blog.

Once your career path is in place, create goals for yourself to learn the necessary skills needed to move up the technical ladder. Hold yourself accountable to these goals. Expanding your skillset and knowledge base provides a sense of accomplishment that encourages you to go even farther in your personal development.

You may be wondering; how do I expand my current skillset to advance my career? Find the answer below:

How to Upskill Your Hard Skills
As previously mentioned, the technology industry is always changing and evolving. This means that your technical hard skills also need to be evolving. To position yourself for career success, you must expand your knowledge on new technologies. This is done through educational opportunities. Look for online training or courses that are relevant to your career path. The internet is full of information! Take advantage of it and immerse yourself in content that will educate you in specific skills.

You can also ask your manager about possible training opportunities at work. Your employer wants you to succeed in your career as much as you do, and odds are they have the ability to assist you when enhancing your technical skillset. Learning at work is a great way to upskill your technology career. For instance, peer-to-peer learning allows you to learn straight from a professional in the workplace. Don’t be afraid to ask a colleague to teach you a new skill that you want to acquire.

Along with online learning, consider getting certified. Gaining a certification allows you to learn new skills as well as showcase your motivation and dedication to advancing your career. For more benefits of getting certified, read this blog!

Don’t Forget Your Soft Skills!technology talent retention
As important as hard skills are when it comes to enhancing your technology career, you can’t forget your soft skills. These skills need upskilling just as much as your technical skills. Start enhancing your soft skills by taking initiative and ask your employer for more responsibility. This shows your willingness to take on more tasks to enhance your career. In some cases, your manager may tell you that you have some skill gaps you need to fill before advancing. This is great, because now you can ask your manager specifically what you can do to improve and how you can do it. Make it known that you want to learn more and enhance your skills.

Another way to enhance your soft skills is to put yourself in more leadership positions at work. Gaining leadership skills shows your motivation to move up in your career. These skills don’t go unnoticed, so enhance them when you can. You are also encouraged to participate in teamwork opportunities and extra projects. This is a great learning opportunity for you as well as it shows your dedication of taking on more projects to improve your career. Again, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Enhancing your technology career through upskilling is very important. Upskilling allows for tremendous personal and career growth. The possibilities are endless! If you have any questions about upskilling in your technology career, give us a call. Good luck!

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