How to Have a Successful Technology Job Video Interview

In today’s world, the interview process has drastically changed. This is due to the disruption of in-person interviews. Although the lack of an in-person interview has caused some setbacks in the interview process, there are ways around it. Video interviews and virtual hiring have become the new normal in these unusual times. With that said, here are some helpful tips to ensure that you have a successful technology job video interview.

Location is Everything
When participating in a video interview, you are responsible for finding the best location to do so. For your remote interview, choose a location that is quiet and has good internet connection. The last thing you want during your technology job video interview is to be interrupted by noise, so it’s important to make sure you are in a private area with minimal distractions. The area you choose to have the video interview should also have a professional background. A neutral wall or a spot without distracting objects in the background is ideal during a virtual interview.

Prior to the video interview, you need to make sure everything is up to speed and working properly. Test your internet connection to make sure it’s strong and won’t cause any issues during the interview. You should also be prepared to use the technology that the interviewer prefers and to familiarize yourself with it if you have never used it before.

When testing the technology before the interview, you should also test your computer’s camera. Make sure the camera is working properly and it’s ready to go when your technology job video interview starts. Along with this, you should also test your computer’s audio. This is a frequent problem with video chatting, so make sure your microphone is set up correctly. Audio quality is one of the most important aspects of the video interview, so it’s especially important to test it before your potential new employer calls you.

Dress to Impress
When it comes to interview attire, the same rules apply for video interviews. Dress as if it’s an in-person interview. Dress professionally and even research the company so you get a good idea as to what their dress culture is. Although the camera only shows from the waist up, it’s a good idea to wear a professional skirt or pants to match the top. When you dress professional, you act more professional.

Keeping in mind that this is a video interview, we recommend that you limit the amount of patterns you wear and to keep it simple. Solid colors are less distracting on camera. If you wear glasses, be sure to adjust the lighting and the camera angles so your lenses don’t create a glare. A glare is distracting to the interviewer and it doesn’t show if you have good eye contact.

Act Accordingly
When it comes to the technology job video interview, you should still act as if it’s an in-person interview. This can be difficult as you are not in the office and meeting the interviewer(s) in person, but there are some ways to show that you are engaged and interested through video. During the video interview, remember to keep good eye contact. In order to maintain eye contact, look directly into the webcam rather than the interviewers face on the screen. This puts your eyes at the right angle and looks like you are talking directly to the interviewer.

Proper body language is also very important during a video interview. Make sure you smile and show you are positive and optimistic through subtle body movements. This is accomplished through good posture as well as nodding and smiling when listening to the interviewer speak. Try not to make a lot of gestures with your hands or frequent body movements. If you don’t have great internet connection, these movements become pixelated or fuzzy, and causes a distraction for the job video interview

Practice, Practice, Practice
You’ve heard the saying before: Practice makes perfect. Once you have tested your technology and you are assured that everything is working properly, prepare yourself for what’s to come. Just like an in-person interview, you should research the company, have your experience and objectives memorized, and have questions prepared for the interviewer. Preparation is the most important part of any interview, and it especially applies to video interviews. Keep your resume on hand as well as a paper and pen to take notes when appropriate. With proper practice, you are on your way to a successful video interview.

During these times, the interview process has had to adapt. The use of video interviews is the next best thing to replace in-person interviews. By following these tips, you are guaranteed to have a successful video interview. If you have any more questions regarding your next interview, please feel free to contact us.

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