Making Genuine Connections for Your IT Career on LinkedIn

In today’s technology driven and socially distant world, it may seem like making genuine connections for your IT career is impossible. If this thought has run through your mind, continue reading this blog because it could not be further from the truth. LinkedIn is a great online platform that allows you to make connections and network virtually for your IT career. It’s easy to click the “connect” button and make a new connection, but is it genuine? Continue reading for advice on how to make your LinkedIn connections sincere.

The Importance of Making Connections on LinkedIn
It’s very easy to make connections and build relationships with people through LinkedIn. Once you make that connection, you are able to send direct messages to them, see the content they post and visa versa, and share content with each other. The initial connection on LinkedIn allows for many opportunities to strengthen a relationship with someone.

During this time, almost everything is virtual and networking in-person is not feasible. LinkedIn allows you to grow your network online and interact with people virtually. It’s important to remember that it’s possible for genuine and professional connections to be made online. By viewing someone’s profile, you are able to get a good sense of who they are, what they do, what they accomplished, and what their interests are. Connecting with them and starting a conversation allows for that professional relationship to be genuine.

As mentioned earlier, just clicking the “connect” button does not make a genuine connection. Many people fall victim to the simplicity of pressing a button, but making a genuine connection requires a little more work. When connecting with someone on LinkedIn, send them a direct message explaining why you want to connect and how this connection is beneficial for both parties involved. Once the initial conversation is started, you are able to establish a real connection. Along with that one connection, you have access to that person’s entire network of connections, which can be relevant to you and your growing network. Remember, one sincere connection opens a gate to a larger network.

Ways to Make Connections/Establish a Relationship
There are few people that I have recruited in the past that I still have relationships with because we are connected on LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers the opportunity to receive notifications if one of your connections gets a new job, if it’s their birthday, if they have posted something, etc. When you see these notifications, it’s a great idea to reach out to congratulate them, wish them a happy birthday, or comment on their posts. This not only establishes genuine connections, but also keep them alive over time.

Another way to grow your network is to join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your IT career and/or interests. Once given access to these groups, it’s important to not remain a ghost within them. You should be active in these groups by sharing information, starting conversations, and “liking” and commenting on other’s posts. Getting your name out there and creating those conversations allows for genuine connections to form.

Advancing Your Career Through Connectionsit career
If you connect with the right people that are on the career path you want to take, you are gaining opportunities to advance your IT career. For example, if you connect with someone on LinkedIn and in conversation you mention you are looking for a position in Java Development, that single connection may have other connections that are able to help you get to your career goal. Creating one connection opens you up to a larger network that works to your benefit if you are looking to advance your IT career.

Once you establish genuine connections, be sure to use your contacts effectively. Once you create a connection with someone, you must maintain that connection, whether it’s through periodic conversations, engaging with their content, joining LinkedIn groups they are a part of, and more. LinkedIn offers many features to stay in contact with others, and this should be utilized regularly.

Creating connections on LinkedIn is more than pressing a button. Creating genuine relationships with your contacts brings you a lot of benefits and advancements if done accordingly.

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