Meet the Team: Carolyn Russell

Meet INT’s Vice President of Recruiting in the Eastern Region, Carolyn Russell! Carolyn is a Talent Acquisition leader with a deep understanding of technical recruiting. We had a great conversation with Carolyn to discuss how she got into technology staffing, what she finds the most exciting about her job, and why she enjoys working for INT Technologies. Continue reading to discover more!

What got you into technology staffing?technical recruiting
Like most people in the industry, working in technology staffing was a lucky accident. Initially, I was working in another field after I graduated college. I was looking for my next career move and ended up working as a headhunter. From there, I transitioned into technical recruiting and found that I really loved this career. I worked as a technical recruiter for over 20 years before becoming a Director of Recruiting. In that position, I was able to coach and mentor other recruiters and guide them to success, sharing the knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career. The majority of my work experience has been in IT, staffing, and recruiting.

Currently, I am the Vice President of Recruiting for the Eastern Region of INT. In my role, I manage a team of recruiters that are charged with recruiting the best talent in the market for INT and for our clients. I coach and mentor the team on best practices for sourcing, recruiting, customer service, and filling our clients’ needs. I also help guide the strategic initiatives for our recruiting team as it relates to our company’s goals and objectives.

What do you think is the most exciting about working with clients and staff on their technology?
With all of the years I’ve worked in this industry, I still find technical recruiting to be very exciting. I still find it very rewarding to help a candidate get their dream job. When we find the right candidate for a position, everybody wins; the client gets a great consultant, our new employee gets to further their career with a great company, and INT meets their business objectives.

Another thing I find very exciting about the technology staffing industry is that it is constantly changing and evolving. There is always new technology to learn about. I’m a lifelong learner and growing my knowledge base is very fulfilling. I’m excited to contribute to the success of INT.

What is it about INT that makes you want to come into work every day?technical recruiting
It is definitely the people here. The work is rewarding in itself; however, the people that you work with can make the job so enjoyable. The people that I work with at INT are all amazing.

INT is a wonderful company and it’s filled with people that are knowledgeable and excited about the industry. They are genuinely great people to work with. We are all here together working toward the same goal, which is the success of our clients, supporting our employees, and the overall success of the company.

Carolyn’s Favorite Quotes:
“Timing is everything” – John Scully
“If it was easy, everyone would do it” – unknown

About INT
INT Technologies is the nation’s largest certified Veteran-Owned Staffing and Consulting Company. We have 20 years proven track record assisting our varied clients with their projects and staffing needs within the financial, insurance, healthcare, government, aerospace, and technology industries. Serving clients nationwide, our leadership team -comprised of Chris Knott, Richard Krause, James Moloney, Ben Meyer, and Carolyn Russell -focuses on integrity and service and the relationships they help build. Proof of our commitment to “our client is our highest priority” can be seen in the fact that each of INT’s founding clients remain INT clients 20 years later.

Meet the Team

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