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Meet Chris Knott INT Technologies! Chris is our President here at INT Technologies. Chris founded INT in 2000 with the belief that the best way to ensure a company’s success is to create practices designed to create long-term business relationships. We had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with Chris and discuss how he started his technology staffing career, the excitement of working with clients and staff, and why he made his career with INT Technologies.

Q: What got you into technology staffing?
Chris Knott INT Technologies Answer: In the 1990’s, it was apparent the development of technology was exploding and would become a major part of our lives going forward. Whether it was the personal computer use that we were all involved in, the computerization of data, or companies increasing reliance on technology, it was evolving in ways very few imagined. I was witnessing this evolution and knew I wanted to take part in it. I wanted to be a part of the future.

Chris Knott INT Technologies

It had also become apparent to me that technology was moving so quickly that no single product or trend could remain unchallenged for long. Companies could only capitalize certain technologies for finite periods of time until one of their competitors produced something newer and better. By witnessing this, I believed that the evolution of technology, from the business point of view, was both a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing because it provided so much opportunity; however, it was also a curse because this evolution meant that the shelf life of certain technology was shorter in terms of relevance and competitiveness. Looking further, I saw that there was one area in technology that was constantly stable, and that was the need for people to implement the latest technologies.

Looking back at some of the companies that were on the edge of technology in the 1990’s, some disbanded after five or ten years, or they remained active yet not still dominating their category of technology. This is the downside of the evolution of technology. However, the staffing industry was always excelling. The challenges that come with the accelerated pace of technology have created great opportunity for our worldwide work force. I wanted to create a company that would thrive for an extended period of time, and I knew technology staffing would be sustainable and bring people the services they needed through the everchanging world of technology.

Q: What do you think is exciting about working with clients and staff?
Chris Knott INT Technologies Answer: What continues to be exciting for INT is the understanding that people are appreciative of our simple philosophy of treating everyone as we would wish to be treated. The Golden Rule. We engage with clients and staff on a level that is both productive and respectful. From this engagement comes greater value to everyone involved. On a daily basis, I continue to be gratified that our brand of technology staffing services have been proven for over twenty years and I believe they will continue to be proven as valuable for many years to come.

As technology evolves and begins to replace some human elements, I believe people will long for that human connection and respectful interactions. As we maintain this philosophy, we will become even more appreciated when, years from now, there will be a longing for companies who provide meaningful human interactions in the way they conduct business. This is the most interesting and exciting part of this business for me. Working with clients and staff is not only exciting, but also very rewarding. Receiving feedback regarding our process as well as our productive and positive interaction with people is very fulfilling and reassures all of us at INT that we are making an impact.

Q: What is it about INT Technologies that makes you want to come into work every day?
Chris Knott INT Technologies Answer: The message within INT is truly believed in by everyone that works here. Every day we strive to do great work and treat people well. Our senior recruiters and executives that have been in the industry for a long period of time really value our philosophy of treating people with respect, getting the job done correctly and with integrity, and making sure everyone is happy and successful in their careers. The candidates that we hire at INT are always excited about joining an organization that works to demonstrate the sincerity of our belief in these values. Helping people achieve their goals is exciting, rewarding, and makes me want to come into work every day.

Favorite quote:
Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.– C. S. Lewis
Chris Knott INT Technologies
About INT
INT Technologies is the nation’s largest certified Veteran-Owned Staffing and Consulting Company. We have 20 years proven track record assisting our varied clients with their projects and staffing needs within the financial, insurance, healthcare, government, aerospace, and technology industries. Serving clients nationwide, our leadership team -comprised of Chris Knott, Rhonda Rutledge, James Moloney, Tamara Ellestad, and Richard Krause -focuses on integrity and service and the relationships they help build. Proof of our commitment to “our client is our highest priority” can be seen in the fact that each of INT’s founding clients remain INT clients 20 years later.

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