Meet the Team: James Meyer

Meet INT Technologies Account Manager, James Meyer. James manages the Midwest Region for INT as well as the IT Staffing efforts within a five-state region. We were given the opportunity to have a virtual meeting with James and discuss how he got into technology staffing, what he finds exciting about working with clients and staff on their technology, and why he makes his career with INT. Keep reading for more!

What got you into technology staffing?IT staffing
Coming out of college, I was in venture capital. After working there, I was trying to find a new opportunity. A friend of mine recommended that I apply for a job at an IT permanent placement firm. I began working there and 32 years later, I’m still working in the IT staffing industry. The start of my career in the IT staffing industry was by chance, but I’m happy with how my career turned out today.

When I first started out in my career, technology for the most part was relatively new. I remember buying the first desktop for our firm. At that time, there wasn’t a way to email clients resumes, you needed to hand deliver them. Because personal computers and the software was in its infancy when I started my career, I developed a growing interest in the changes it experienced as it evolved over the years. The IT staffing industry is very exciting because I am in the midst of growing technology and I have been able to watch it change over time.

My career eventually led me to INT Technologies where I opened up the Midwestern branch and became the Account Manager there. I work with a variety of different clients nationwide.

What do you think is the most exciting about working with clients and staff on their technology?
First, just when you truly think, “what could they do next with technology?”, it evolves into something newer and better. It’s exciting to see technology evolve and grow and to be a part of that with clients and staff. I really enjoy being involved in the process by providing our clients with experienced candidates. Today, every company needs to be a tech company no matter what industry they are in because technology is the driver of most businesses. It’s exciting to provide companies with their most important resource, and that’s their employees. Every candidate that we place plays a very important role within their projects and the growth of their client’s company.

Often times our role is as an advisor to clients. I value the opportunity to provide insight to the marketplace for IT talent to clients and also best practices other clients are utilizing. Being an advisor is also something I find very exciting. Our job at every moment is to source technology candidates, and it’s great to be able to provide that intelligence with clients. At INT, our focus is not to be a vendor, but to be a partner to our clients. I really enjoy seeing our relationships with clients go from being a vendor to being a truly reliable business partner.

What is it about INT that makes you want to come into work every day?
Almost immediately after joining the INT team, I really understood the philosophy of our CEO, Chris Knott, and the company. Chris is a phenomenal leader and the INT mission is very impactful. I like how customer focused INT Technologies is and that everything we do as staff revolves around the client and the candidates that we place. INT is successful because our focus is our partnership with the client and INT’s staff consultants. I really value the professionalism that INT exudes and the support they give throughout.
senior it recruiter
Favorite Quote:
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

About INT
INT Technologies is the nation’s largest certified Veteran-Owned Staffing and Consulting Company. We have 20 years proven track record assisting our varied clients with their projects and staffing needs within the financial, insurance, healthcare, government, aerospace, and technology industries. Serving clients nationwide, our leadership team -comprised of Chris Knott, Rhonda Rutledge, James Moloney, Tamara Ellestad, and Richard Krause -focuses on integrity and service and the relationships they help build. Proof of our commitment to “our client is our highest priority” can be seen in the fact that each of INT’s founding clients remain INT clients 20 years later.

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