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Meet Kristen Hazen! Kristen is a Senior Technical Recruiter at INT Technologies. In our conversation with Kristen, we discussed how she got into technology staffing, what she finds the most exciting about being an IT recruiter, and why she makes her career with INT. Keep reading to find out more!

What got you into technology staffing?
I have been a recruiter for about eight years (three in IT specifically), and I love it. In our technology driven world, I realized that one of the best industries to be in was IT staffing. The IT staffing industry has great security, financial potential, and it provides room to learn and grow in your career. With this in mind, I decided to apply to IT recruiter positions and found it difficult with my lack of experience in technology. IT is a completely different language and it’s so important for a recruiter in this industry to have a firm understanding of certain technologies. It took some time and a lot of independent learning, but when I finally broke into the IT space, I instantly knew it was worth it!IT recruiter

I knew being a recruiter was for me from the very start of my career. It started when I was first looking for a job and I received a phone call from a company saying they found my resume online and they wanted to interview me for an office manager position. I found out shortly after the phone call that the person who called me was a recruiter. I went in for the interview and met with the recruiter and I was incredibly interested in what he was doing, much more than in the position he was actually interviewing me for. I found it so interesting that he was looking at my resume and interviewing me to see if I was a good match for the open position. That’s when I realized that the valuable task of matchmaking in recruiting was a great fit for me. At the end of the interview, the recruiter asked if I had any questions and I responded with, “How do I become a recruiter?” From there I was very persistent when trying to get a job as a recruiter, and it has led my career to where I am today.

What do you think is the most exciting about working with clients and staff on their technology?
The most exciting thing about working as an IT recruiter is finding the perfect match. Every company and team is different, and there are so many nuances involved with every tool, technology, platform and product that sometimes the idea of finding a match seems impossible, like a needle in ten haystacks! I get to solve these impossible puzzles every day, and every day it is different. I have this great opportunity to find a perfect match for both our clients and candidates. Finding a candidate with a great skillset, connecting them with their perfect job, and seeing the excitement from both the candidate and hiring manager is so rewarding. It’s comparable to matchmaking for a relationship. I’m setting up a candidate on their first and second date (the phone screens and interviews) and then they get married to a job. Being part of that whole process is so exciting and rewarding knowing that I helped someone get their dream job, and at the same time helping a client get the services they need.

Being an IT recruiter is not only exciting on a daily basis, but it’s also rewarding. I get calls from people that I’ve placed that are just so thankful that I helped them get the job they wanted, and that is so heartwarming knowing I was able to contribute to their happiness. It is definitely a bright spot, especially in this hard time the world is currently experiencing. I have the ability to help, guide and advocate for people, and place them in a situation that helps them and their families in a time of need. Even during this global pandemic, companies are still hiring, and people are still looking for jobs. It’s important to know that times of drastic change bring with them opportunities for people. Things are different and we are all adapting to a new “normal”, but things are still moving, and we are still working to find our clients and candidates the perfect matches that they need.
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What is it about INT that makes you want to come into work every day?
INT stands for “Integrity”, and I truly feel that from our leadership team. Everything within INT is very transparent and our leadership team supports all of our teams in any way that they can. They place themselves at the bottom of the totem pole and put their employees, clients, and candidates first. Every employee at INT continues to give unwavering support, flexibility, stability, and resources to others whenever it is needed. When I first started working at INT, I was told that this should be the last place I will ever work. Shortly after starting, I knew that was true and that INT could be my forever home.

Kristen’s Favorite Quotes:
“When you come to the fork in the road, take it.” – Yogi Berra

About INT
INT Technologies is the nation’s largest certified Veteran-Owned Staffing and Consulting Company. We have 20 years proven track record assisting our varied clients with their projects and staffing needs within the financial, insurance, healthcare, government, aerospace, and technology industries. Serving clients nationwide, our leadership team -comprised of Chris Knott, Richard Krause, James Moloney, Ben Meyer, and Carolyn Russell -focuses on integrity and service and the relationships they help build. Proof of our commitment to “our client is our highest priority” can be seen in the fact that each of INT’s founding clients remain INT clients 20 years later.

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