Meet the Team: Richard and his Look into 2020

Meet Richard Krause! Richard is the Vice President of Operations at INT Technologies. He joined our team in 2008 and is responsible for managing many of the daily operations processes, corporate expenses and providing support to the Sales and Recruiting teams. We had the great opportunity to sit down with Richard and discuss his career in technology staffing, working with clients and candidates, and the excitement of INT looking into the New Year.

What got you into technology staffing?
Prior to working in technology staffing, I was doing college recruitment. My first job in technology staffing was on the client side. I was hired to assist with managing a program, and eventually began managing that program myself. So, early in my career, I was a client of a technology staffing firm. It was through that role that I met Chris Knott and as I got to know INT better, I knew it was a company I’d want to work for.

Richard Krause

What do you think is exciting about working with clients and staff on their technology?
The biggest thing that I enjoy the most about working with clients and staff is the people interaction. INT is a people business, and everything that we do involves people interaction. We help people find jobs and we help managers staff their projects. We are always interacting with different people, and that’s what I enjoy the most.

There are two sides of technology staffing. On the consultant side, we are finding them a role that they absolutely love, are able to grow into, and that they find rewarding. Being able to help consultants do that is very satisfying and rewarding. The other component is the client side of technology staffing. We have managers every day that have deadlines of getting specific projects completed. Our main goal is helping those managers and providing them a service with minimal frustration on their end. A highlight on my end is being able to provide that service to them successfully.

From a technology standpoint, I will admit that I’m a technology nerd. Being able to work on projects or help staff projects that support the development of technology is very exciting. For example, we work with people that do software advancements on devices that I personally use every day. It’s really exciting knowing that we helped get that done through our staffing efforts.

What is it about INT Technologies that makes you want to come into work every day?
We have a really great group of people that work here at INT Technologies. Everyone is very supportive of each other. We work hard every day to make sure that our clients and our team is taken care of and that everyone is happy. We try to make sure that our environment and culture always stays intact and that we’re doing the best that we can for our clients, consultants, and internal employees. The entire staff stands around a single mission that our clients and consultants are always on the forefront of our minds. They are the most important people to us. That unified effort to ensure that their needs are being met and that we are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done is really important to me. It’s that drive and support that makes me want to come into work every day.

I find the most rewarding aspect of this role is when, at the end of the day, our clients and consultants are taken care of and we receive positive feedback. We have also been a Veteran Owned Business for 20 years, and once we started promoting that, we were creating awareness and advocacy for being veteran owned and for hiring veterans. Our owner recently won the Veteran Enterprise of the Year Award, which really demonstrates what our efforts have been going toward.

Looking into 2020
For INT, I strongly believe that hiring will be increasing over the next six (6) to twelve (12) months. Internally, it has been a big initiative to grow our team. We also have a lot of opportunity from our clients. For us, we know that we are seeing an increase in our horizon. Typically, other staffing companies right now are speaking of a slow-down, and we have adjusted to that by growing our client base. This is going to be very important for INT because we are now able to meet those new demands and offer new opportunities to our consultant base so that they remain with us once their current projects have been completed. This is something that sets us apart from different technology staffing firms.

Currently, we are in a candidate market with the unemployment rate being at a record low. To attract good talent, we offer a strong support base for our Consultant Employees. We want our consultant employees to feel part of the INT family. As we provide that value, in addition to our benefits package and compensation plans, we feel we are doing more than some of our competitors. Even in this tight market, I am hopeful that we will continue to get the talent that were looking for come the New Year.

We have a very strong commitment to grow our business, and our opportunities have been growing greatly. There are some new clients for the new year that have shown great interest in working with us because of our veteran initiatives, consultant wellness, and our highly rated service and delivery. Through all of this, we have been able to grow our client base, which leads to growing our consultant base, and ultimately allows for the growing of our company.

Our biggest focus in 2020 is making it known that every client matters, every req matters, and every consultant matters. This has always been very important to us, and it will stay that way through 2020.

Richard’s favorite quotes:
“Never ever ever ever give up” – Winston Churchill
“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” – Henry Ford
Richard Krause
About INT
INT Technologies is the nation’s largest certified Veteran-Owned Staffing and Consulting Company. We have 20 years proven track record assisting our varied clients with their projects and staffing needs within the financial, insurance, healthcare, government, aerospace, and technology industries. Serving clients nationwide, our leadership team -comprised of Chris Knott, Rhonda Rutledge, James Moloney, Tamara Ellestad, and Richard Krause -focuses on integrity and service and the relationships they help build. Proof of our commitment to “our client is our highest priority” can be seen in the fact that each of INT’s founding clients remain INT clients 20 years later.

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