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November 17th, 2014

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8 Things Remarkably Effective People Do Every Day

Sure, you work hard. But do you work smart? More important, do you embrace the habits that can propel your success? What is it that separates people who are highly effective in work (and life) from those who are less so? Often it's a few very specific (and learnable!) things. Acquire these eight simple habits and you won't just get more done, you might actually change your life.

What Happy People Choose to Do Every Day

About one-third of the U.S. population describes itself as "very happy," according to the polling agency Harris Interactive--a higher number than I think many of us might expect. Studies show that half of happiness is determined by genetics, and a little less than 40 percent is governed by the impact of external events. You own the 12 percent of the package that's left, however, and it turns out that the choices you make within that sliver make all the difference between being happy or not. Happier people realize this, and as a result they make seven key choices every day. They choose to exercise, spend time outside, focus on their families, make time for friends, find meaning in their work, contribute to their communities and get enough sleep.

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15 Rapid-Fire Tips for Crafting Rockstar Resumes

Creating a resume that catches the eye of the potential employer is a challenging endeavor for students pursuing online college degrees. How can job seekers know exactly what the employer is looking for? Each hiring manager is different.

The Grantham University compiled a list of 15 rapid-fire tips from the many blogs we've written about resumes over the past year:

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