Short-Term Contract, Long-Term Value

By INT Tamara Ellestad

As a technology staffing firm, we always like to remind clients and technology candidates that there are long-term benefits when it comes to short-term contracts. When a candidate has a resume full of short-term contract experience, it does not necessarily mean that they are a job hopper. In this blog, you should discover the benefits both clients and technology consultants gain with short-term contracts.

The values consultants gain
Many consultants are able to see the value that contract positions offer their career. First, the consultant, depending on who they are working with, gains incredible client experience. Most clients select technology consultants with relevant company experience for their full-time positions, rather than get an outside source. With a short-term contract, consultants have a foot in the door if they are seeking a longer term, permanent position with that particular client.

Another benefit for the consultant is the relevant experience they gain. For instance, if a consultant is working short-term for a large financial institution, they have a better chance of finding employment at other similar companies. Clients such as this are looking for candidates that have larger financial institutions on their resume. This is a major point in their search criteria largely due to the fact that the systems and technologies used within financial companies are similar. These clients are looking for candidates that have that specific experience in those sectors, and short-term contracts give a candidate that valuable experience in specific technologies. Keep in mind that industry experience is important, but the specific technology experience is broader for a consultant working across multiple contracts. The fact is, technology consultants typically gain a wider base of experience across both industry and technology then their full-time counterparts.

Short-term contracts from a client perspective
Not only are short-term contracts valuable for candidates, but they also benefit the client that is hiring them. Think of the contract as a “try before you buy” tactic. From a client’s perspective, a short-term contract is a great way to evaluate a candidate for a full-time position within their company. This mentality is valuable not only for the client, but for the candidate as well. If a consultant is going to be working at a particular organization, it’s important for them to find out if it’s going to be a good partnership for them. If it’s a short-term contract-to-hire, this is a brilliant model for both the client and technology consultant.

A short-term contract is extremely beneficial for a client, depending on what their need is. This also applies to the candidate. If a candidate’s specialty is going into a project and wrapping things up, then a short-term position is perfect for them. In this instance, the contract brings a lot of value to both the client and candidate.

The short-term has long-term values, but with every list of pros there is a list of cons. The biggest con is that it is sometimes hard to retain someone on a short-term contract. Ideally, clients are looking for longevity, so it’s important to dive into the resumes of candidates and know why all of their contracts were short. For example, if a client were to receive a resume that listed six short-term contract positions, it’s very important to ask why they were short-term and if the candidate has met the deliverable in that time. Did they meet the expectations in that time period? Did they know it was only going to be six-month period? Can their references back that up? While these questions are important to ask, it’s also important to remember the need of a short-term contractor and the experience the candidate has gained in those positions. From a technology recruiter’s standpoint, it is our job to inform the client on the value of short-term contracts and state that each candidate that has completed a contract has met a very important deliverable that greatly benefited a previous client.

Long-term value
When looking at a long list of short-term contracts on a resume, a candidate looks like a job hopper. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. It’s important to acknowledge that there is a lot of value in those contracts and they are hiring a candidate that does exactly what they need.

Another benefit is the financial aspect. When an organization is on a contract, they are not responsible for employment taxes or benefits, as it is the responsibility of the technology staffing firm. As far as a contract goes, you are getting more bang for your buck. It’s a cost-saving way to get a project done for your organization, or if you are looking to hire full-time in the long run.

Overall, in the technology industry, short-term contracts have proven to be very valuable in the long term. It has benefits for both the client and the consultant. Feel free to contact INT Technologies to help you in you contract efforts. We can help you get the long-term benefits and the results you need.

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INT Tamara Ellestad
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