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By Chris Giles

Whether it’s for a phone interview, in-person interview, or video interview, preparation is key. In IT, interview prep gives you a greater opportunity of succeeding. As an IT recruiter, I believe interview prep is very important for technology candidates. In this article, discover why technology job interview prep is important as well as receive advice on how to prepare.

The importance of interview prep
Overall, preparation helps you better understand what to expect during the technology job interview process. It’s never a good idea to walk into a job interview blindly, without any preparation. One of the main concepts of interview prep is to gain an understanding and consider what the interviewer might ask you. For starters, you should always research the basic information about the company you are interviewing with. Brush up on the history of the company, know the names and titles of the individuals who are conducting the interview, research the job description, etc.

If you are an information technology professional, there are quite a few things you need to prepare for. For instance, as an IT recruiter prepping a candidate for an interview, I would assist them in narrowing down what their strengths and weaknesses are in technology. This is something an interviewer could ask a candidate and it’s important to have those answers already planned in your head. It’s important to do your research on the company and consider all of the possible questions being asked during the interview.

General advice
Interview prep varies, depending on the type of technology job interview. Generally, there are three types of interviews: phone interview, in-person interview, and a video interview.

For a phone interview, it’s important to show personality in your voice. This type of interview is only audio, so an interviewer won’t be able to read your facial expressions or body language to determine if you are excited or interested in the position. I recommend that you sound excited in your tone when being interviewed. This seems like obvious advice, but some candidates get nervous during interviews or when talking on the phone; therefore, it’s important to prep your voice and tone to sound excited and interested about the role or project. It’s also important to remember to listen carefully and not talk too much. There needs to be a good balance of discussion between the interviewer and the candidate.

When it comes to in-person interviews, one of the biggest things to consider is your attire. This is where prior research comes in. Understanding the dress code of the organization you are interviewing at is important so you know how to dress appropriately when you arrive for the in-person interview. Similar to phone interviews, your communication skills need to be present. For example, if you walk into the room and you see there are several people interviewing you, introduce yourself and address everyone the same way. You should address everyone with the same level of respect throughout the interview.

When it comes to conversation during the interview, I advise candidates to think of questions to ask during or after the interview is completed. If you happen to know that the role is about a certain technology, you certainly want to talk in terms of that particular area. If you know the manager is very interested in a specific technology, you should ask questions about that technology and the role it could have in your position should you receive an offer. You should always ask questions relevant to the role and the work environment when the interviewer asks if you have questions for them. These questions should demonstrate that you have been listening. It’s always a good idea to have a few questions prepared prior to the interview. Part of the interview is about you gaining a full understanding of what you are getting into if you were to accept the position, so ask questions accordingly.

During the interview, be conscious of your tone and demeanor. Make sure you sound and look confident during the interview. You want to sound confident and believe in yourself because this has a positive effect on the interview. You should also never talk negatively about any of your past companies. Always keep the conversation positive about yourself and others.

A majority of this advice also applies to video interviews. Remember to always be yourself and not to seem too nervous or uncomfortable. When it comes to video interviews, keep in mind that there are a range of possible technical issues that occur. Prior to the interview, check all of your settings and make a test call to ensure everything works on your end. It is also very important for you to be in a quiet setting with no distractions or interruptions. When all of this is said and done, remember to smile and dress appropriately.

Prepping for a technology job interview is always beneficial to candidates. A lack of interview prep causes interviews to not go well or even cost you a potential job. The bottom line is, preparation allows you to gain a clear understanding of what to expect. If you are an IT professional seeking assistance with interview prep, feel free to reach out. Good luck with your future interviews.
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