The Benefits of Getting Certified

Have you obtained any technology certifications? Do you know the benefits that come with getting certified? Technology certifications not only benefit you and your career, but also your employer. Getting certified shows your dedication, motivation, technical skills, and knowledge in a specific technology. These certifications not only improve your personal skills, but also allows you to advance in your technology career. There are many more benefits that come with receiving a technology certification, and we’re here to help point them out. Below, find the key benefits of getting certified.

Getting Hired
When it comes to getting hired, it’s always a great sight for hiring managers to see certifications on your resume. The technology industry is competitive, so standing out among other applicants is key. A great way to stand out to hiring managers is your technology certifications. They validate your expertise and technical skills, showing your professional commitment to career-long learning. Ultimately, there are many factors that go into the interview and hiring process, but obtaining certifications definitely helps to improve your resume and employability.

Job Security and Retention
As mentioned a little bit ago, a technology certification shows your commitment to learning in your career. It also showcases that you, as an IT professional, are determined to enhance your technical skillset and knowledge for the betterment of your technology career. This benefits not only you, but also your employer. Getting certified shows professionalism and motivation to better your career, which improves your chances of job security and retention.

Although all certifications vary, it’s very possible to move up the corporate ladder with your technology certifications. Enhancing your current skills and/or learning new technologies is a great way to advance your career. For example, let’s say you are interested in receiving a PMP certification. Not only does this certification serve as an endorsement of your Project Management knowledge and experience, but it also includes benefits such as high market value, increased professional credibility, and the potential of a higher paycheck. Sounds good right? Research what technology certification is best for your career path and grow from there!

Professional Credibility
Getting certified is one of the best ways to receive professional credibility. Earning one, or even multiple, certifications highly demonstrates your dedication to professional development. This is highly regarded within the technology industry and enhances your career drastically.

Networking Opportunitiestechnology certifications
Networking in your technology career is important; however, you are opened up to many more opportunities if you obtain technology certifications. Getting certified with a specific vendor allows you to join a unique group of similarly skilled technology professionals. Many networking events and communities are offered and managed by some vendors, which are great networking opportunities with like-minded individuals. Along with this, certifications may grant you more access to social media networking groups. All of these groups are great for asking questions and sharing your own insights and solutions. Networking with peers of certified IT professionals also provides you even more guidance as to how to enhance your career even further. Networking opportunities are endless, and you receive even more when you become certified.

Continuous Learning and Keeping Up to Date
Technology is always evolving, so it’s very important to be current with the times. When enhancing your technology career, it’s great to take advantage of many different learning opportunities. A certification in a new technology is a great way to continue your endless learning in the technology industry as well as keeping up to date with the current trends. Receiving technology certifications in a new technology or product allows you to be the subject matter expert in your organization. This puts a very positive light on both you and your career.

When enhancing your career with certifications, we recommend setting up personal goals for yourself and your technology career path. Technology certifications are great for both personal achievement and professional recognition within your organization. Reaching these goals not only gives you the satisfaction of becoming proficient in a skill or technology, but also opens up many professional doors in your career.

The benefits that come with getting certified are endless. If you have any questions about your career path or technology certifications, feel free to reach out. We are here to help you in your career. Good luck out there!

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