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We are really excited to have gotten the opportunity to sit down and talk with INT Technologies consultant, Jaleisa Whitley and discuss her technology career. Getting the opportunity to discuss where her career has been, where her technology career is going, what changes she is seeing and the efforts she takes to grow her career was fantastic. Check out what she had to say and let us know if it helps in your career.

How did you get into technology and consulting?
In the past, I wasn’t placed in as technical of a role as I am now, so this is the beginning of my technical career. I have been in the banking and financial industry for about five (5) years now and previously, I had been in operational and production roles. My current role has been a great experience so far because I get to use the technical skills I had prior and was able to enhance them. It has really opened my eyes to this industry and increased my skills in technology.

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Can you explain a little bit about your current role and what it is you do?
Currently, I am working on projects for a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company. Our team is testing the systems for functionality and ensuring production is successful. I really spend my days learning a lot and executing test scripts that have been set up by the Business Analysts and contributing to conference calls for various projects. Right now, I am closing up some regression testing for December. We’ve been very busy with various projects and deadlines approaching, but I love busy.

Where do you see your career going over the next five years?
Right now, I am studying for my Project Management Certification (PMP). In the future, I would love to move into project roles. I am an organizer, and I love planning events or coming into work and planning a meeting. Project management has become a passion for me. Further into my career, I really see myself moving into more of a project management role.

With project management, I love that you put in the work and focus on the details, and you see great results. It’s very fulfilling for me. Planning has always been something I liked doing. It’s almost like planning an amazing event. You want this great event and for everyone to show up and for it to run smoothly. None of that is possible without project management. You need to put in the work, attend all the meetings, make sure everything is on track and according to schedule. From there, you want to see everything accomplished by the deadline and have it run according to plan.

Project management is something I do in my current role as a technical consultant. I have a great opportunity of working in a position that revolves around projects. What better way to improve my project management skills than to start in this industry? The most rewarding part about the start of my career is knowing that I took a leap of faith in this field and I am learning and utilizing very valuable skills. INT has been so great to work with. Having that support system at the start of my career, from a projects perspective, has been great and very beneficial for me.

What changes in the technology have you been seeing?
Most of the technology changes I have seen revolve around the functionality of what systems do. Anything with computers is technical and can be extensive, but just seeing the many things that go into it and how things are constantly changing shows the advances in technology thus far. All of these advances are pushing for a more technically efficient world, which is huge. All of the different technology out there is evolving into something greater. This role has really opened my eyes to all of the different advancements technology is going through, right now.

Specifically, as far as systems go, we work heavily in Application Lifecycle Management System. This is holding many of our test scripts. In addition to this, we are also in PEGA systems and MTS (Money Transfer System). These are the backbone of our company and learning about them has been very interesting.

What efforts do you take to grow your career?
For starters, I looked into professional certification for project management. This has been the biggest step I’ve made thus far in my career since getting my bachelor’s degree. I’ve been taking project management classes and am now looking forward to taking the test for certification. Taking that extra step to become certified was a great option for me and is already paying off.

With a Project Management Certification (PMP), I can go into many different roles. I look at it as a Holy Grail certification. You can be a Project Manager or work within a project team. Projects are so big and there are so many intricate parts and roles within them. Even the role I am currently in benefits from project management skills. It all comes together hand-in-hand.
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General advice
Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith in your career. Sometimes that’s what it takes to enhance your career and increase your knowledge.

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