Why Should You Work With a Technology Recruiter?

Why should you work with a technology recruiter? There are many reasons as to why working with a staffing firm and a technology recruiter is helpful. Think about all of the time and trouble you go through searching job boards, applying to applications online, and waiting to hear back from hiring managers. Now imagine if all of that was done for you. This is why you should work with a technology recruiter. Continue reading for more reasons…

Helping With the Process
Technology recruiters are there to make your job search experience a breeze. Our recruiters at INT have a goal of providing the best candidates for our clients and making sure both the candidate and client are happy. When working with a technology recruiter, you have someone helping you throughout the whole hiring process. If you are an experienced candidate searching for the right technology job, a recruiter is there to guide you from applying all the way to accepting the offer.

While applying to jobs, have you ever felt like your application is getting lost in a sea of other applicants? It’s easy to feel that way when applying to job boards where many other people are applying to the same job. When working with a technology recruiter, you are avoiding the sea of applicants because the recruiter is sending your resume directly to the hiring manager.

Professional Advice
Working with a technology recruiter provides you with an unlimited amount of guidance and advice. If you are a skilled technical candidate, but you are unsure of what direction to go into, a recruiter is there to help guide you in the right direction. Technology recruiters know your value and your expertise level, so they know exactly where you should go to further your career.

Technology recruiters work with many candidates and know exactly what hiring managers are looking for. In that case, they have the ability to offer great advice when it comes to writing or improving your resume. During the process of finding a new job, a technology recruiter makes sure that your resume is perfect. If your resume needs improvement, you will receive the guidance to do so effectively.

Another thing technology recruiter’s help with is the interview process. Prior to an interview, recruiters provide you with all of the information you need to know. This includes discussing the managers you are meeting with, what questions to expect, what the culture in the office is like, and how to overall present yourself. For more information on how to have a successful interview, check out this article.

Unlimited Networking Opportunitiestechnology resume cover letter
Working with a staffing firm, and more specifically technology recruiters, opens you up to an unlimited amount of networking opportunities. Part of a recruiters job is to build up a large professional network to find skilled candidates the perfect jobs with their clients. It’s a great idea to take advantage of this large network to get the most of your job search efforts. Working with a technology recruiter allows you to meet people in your field and cultivate a network for yourself as well.

Access to more opportunities
Once you work with a technology recruiter within a staffing firm, your name remains in the database for future contact. This means that you always have an opportunity to stay on a recruiters radar for future roles. Recruiters use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to keep track and sort through all of the candidates they work with. With this system, you are never lost within a large pool of candidates. If your resume matches a job description for a specific job, you are the one that is going to be called by the recruiter for a new opportunity.

In some cases, the perfect job for you may not even be on a job board. Technology recruiters have access to job openings you aren’t aware of. This comes to your advantage in many ways. A recruiter has access to these jobs and is able to point you in that direction without the hassle of the job search. With more options to your disposal, the better your chance of getting your dream job.

Working with a technology recruiter has many advantages. It is their job to find you a job. Skip the stress and the thoughts of being lost in the crowd and allow a technology recruiter to lead you directly to the right position. If you are currently searching for a technology job, call one of our recruiters and they will be happy to discuss your options. Good luck out there!

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