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By Tamara Ellestad INT Technologies

As an IT consulting firm, we are always being asked by clients about the best practices when hiring a candidate. To hire the best technology candidates efficiently, it’s important to follow a number of key tactics. In this article, you will discover a list of our winning hiring practices that are sure to help you in your hiring process. The most important tactics are as followed:

It is very important to fully understand what the candidate is looking for as well as what you are looking for from the candidate. You need to make sure you have all of the information in order to make a good match. You don’t want to waste any time in this process, so it’s important to be transparent so that both sides are well informed of the process and what the next steps are.

Be Knowledgeable
Be sure to understand the overall hiring need, the target market, and the candidate’s skillset. When it comes to the candidate’s skillset, it’s important to understand how their experience helps the project at hand. Recognizing and becoming very knowledgeable of what the candidate and you want is key in the hiring process. The goal is to make the perfect match, and this requires full understanding of everyone involved.

Sense of Urgency
A sense of urgency, especially in a candidate-driven market (like we are in now), is very important in the hiring process. When you are moving quickly, you need to understand what each step is and where you need to go first. Ask yourself, what’s our first play? From there, you need to figure out how to identify if a candidate is an accurate fit in a very timely manner. There is so much competition out there, and we want to win, so you need to quickly tee the ball up, so you know that when you swing, you’ll hit it.

It’s important that the candidate knows how the relationship they are about to build with us is going to work. From the initial call with them, explain what exactly is going to happen. For example, in the first call, I tell the candidate that we are going to review their resume, go over their experience, if their resume needs updates or modifications, and what their overall representation on paper is. We also discuss their key skills and the importance of highlighting that experience. Allow them to understand that you are there to represent them through the hiring process. If there is an opportunity for an interview, it’s your responsibility to prepare the candidate for the interview. It’s important to be working with them through the whole process and to make that partnership known.

At INT, we have specific training for our recruiters that allows them to separate themselves from all of the other recruiters in other firms. Our recruiters pride themselves on being employment coaches and truly partnering with candidates. It’s important for our candidates to know that we care about them and represent them in the entire hiring process. You also want the onboarding process, when they are hired, to be a smooth transition for them.

The bottom line is, looking for work is a full-time job in itself and it’s very stressful. From a recruiting perspective, we want to alleviate that stress through our workflow and process. Overall, this helps you land on both your side and the candidate’s side.

Qualification Call
The qualification call encompasses a phone screen based around the candidates skills, resume, and their key attributes that they bring to the table. This call is a pre-screening that allows you to get to know the candidate a little more. Job descriptions are not written to match resumes, and resumes are not written to match job descriptions. This needs to be acknowledged because there is going to be a lot of information that comes to light during the qualification call.

Don’t Force a Match
When hiring, most hiring managers simply want to get the position filled, but many times they are either too focused on a perfect candidate or just getting someone in the door. Neither is the correct approach. Don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole for the sake of getting a candidate hired. You need to be mindful of both the candidate and your needs and not force a fit. If you’re forcing a match, you are doing a disservice to everyone involved in the hiring process.

Be Technical
When recruiting a candidate, it is important to understand the job requirements at hand. You need to be able to decipher resumes and pick out who the best people for the job are.

Overall Winning Practices
Overall, the hiring experience should be seamless for everyone involved. Allow the candidate to feel a part of the organization. You always want to be branded in a positive way when it comes to your employees. INT Technologies is proud to partner with our candidates and clients and we do whatever it takes to make the hiring process run smoothly by using these key tactics.

About Tamara Ellestad INT Technologies

Tamara Ellestad joined INT in 2007 and has been an integral part of INT’s current processes, policies and procedures in the recruiting department. From championing the robust and effective application tracking system and social media efforts to increasing the recruiting team’s productivity and profitability, Tamara is a proven asset to the INT team. She comes with nearly 15 years of recruiting experience and has been in the IT recruiting space for 10+ years. She finds a true passion for matching up technical talent to the client’s needs and finds staffing to be a very rewarding and noble industry.
Tamara Ellestad INT Technologies
Tamara is currently responsible for:

  • Mentoring, leading and training INT Technologies recruiting team
  • Developing new and innovative ways to recruit and find untapped talent in our market space
  • Managing social media recruiting efforts
  • Creating new and maintaining existing recruiting processes, policies and procedures
  • Managing the full cycle recruiting process to stay up to date with industry changes and trends
  • Promoting team comradery to preserve a cohesive production environment

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